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We cannot blindly accept instructions for our children from colonizers.  In and effort to pass our way of life and living in harmony with nature down to successive generations in preservation to our mother, the Earth, we are sharing teaching our children how to walk in Sacred Space with all our relations with K-12 instructions.

To forge this path we must recombine spirituality with instruction and learning which preserves our reverence for Mother Earth as a sacred living and immortal entity.  To do so we must learn to live as sacred beings in a sacred environment. 

We must see our serves simply as children of the earth like all other species on this loving, gentle and abundant planet.  In doing so we week to pass our wisdom and reverence for Mother Earth, and our sisters and brothers of creation on to our children so they too may intern into sacred spaces.


Therefore we are offering you a basic curriculum for grades K-12.  Which are contained in three different sections of K-3, 4-8 and 9-12.  You will receive a copy in pdf formate to print off and utilize until we receive the funding to digitize it.


Should you desire to utilize your own curriculum but in roll in LIS and receive your enrollment status, please fill out the application and email your application to and follow the enrollment process. 

We also offer a college education through the Indigenous College of Natural Healing. When it comes to educating our own we got you covered with curriculum from K-College.  


To enroll in the school follow the enrollment process.

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