About Us

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From Left to right:  Chief Running Bear, Chief Daniel Castro with Apache Nation, Chief Akil Ali, Chief Perryman, Former Senator of Oklahoma Anastasia Pittman and Chief "Dub" Warrior 


President and Standing Grand Chief

Patrick J. Sarrazin is proud to have been chosen to represent the Indigenous people within the Americas with Sent. Viktor Busà.


Born in Mattawa 1962, I have spent the past 25 years working in the Construction and Pipeline and Oil Fields within Canada and reside in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.


I was nominated to lead the people in a direction that helps all North American Indians.

I am a trapper. It was left to me by my father and grandfather and today I continue to trap and hunt and live off the land. Hunting is in my blood – it is not a sport, it is my INHERENT RIGHT.

Ambassador Chief Ali


Akil A. Ali is proud to have been appointed Ambassador by Standing Grand Chief, Patrick Sarrazin, in 2010 to represent the Original people of the western hemisphere of Turtle Island known as the Americas. 

Ambassador Akil A. Ali is a descendant of the ancient Moroccans born in America 1962 on Turtle Island.   Alice Scott, his Grandmother, who is his Father's mother, was full blood Cherokee.  She was born in South Carolina around 1900.  His religion is “Islamism” the old time religion, Chief Akil has been uniting many of the Original people and Tribes to come together as a unit, to affect change in our communities as well as the world. His dedication to excellence and keen spiritual insight has shown in his leadership qualities as Plenipotentiary since 2010.

“Since a child, I’ve had the vision of seeing the Original people come together in unity and strength of purpose. I give honor to the Great Spirit, my Ancestors and my Prophet Noble Drew Alli for directing my steps in helping to be a conduit of positive change, not only for my people but for humanity at large. With the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, let us form one body, one heart, we can all play a role in helping uplift fallen humanity.” 

This a new era of time now, and all men now, must proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government in which they live and the nations of the earth. “Nationality is the foundation of mankind and whoever fails to proclaim his nationality or [National Descendant Origin] is a slave in whatever land he is found in. Those who claim to be ‘Aboriginal Indigenous Native American Moors’ of any stripe fail to allege a national origin that may serve as the predicate for any claim(s) or, predial servitude; to the Surrender Treaty of the Kingdom of Granada November 25th, 1491.


National Chief of Operations

Tzephanyah ben Abraham El A.K.A. Chief Tall Bear is honored to have been selected as National Chief of Operations by Ambassador Akil Ali to help establish our National Indian Government for the aboriginal people throughout the Americas and the adjoining Islands.


Born on the land commonly known as New York, Chief Tall Bear has over 25 years of business management and operations experience. His love, determination, passion and connectivity to people and nature bring a level of leadership that is welcomed in the nation.


“OSIYO (greetings in the Sharakhii Language) as a tribute to the Great Spirit and my Ancestors, I am dedicated to the unification, not only to aboriginal and indigenous people of the Americas, but to people worldwide so that we can live a more harmonious life on Turtle Island. As an Heir/Offspring of the Sharakhii people from my mother’s side (original name of Cherokee) our history has no date of beginning…we existed on this planet from time immemorial.  As a child, I was taught the ancient ways of living in harmony with everything around me...my gifts; talents and intellectual properties were entrusted to me by the Great Spirit to be used for self improvement and then extend them to humanity at large. My solution to all human woes is summed up in one principle…DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!”