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From the Office of Chief of Operations


Osiyo, Wingapo, Halito, Ohana (Greetings League of Indian Nations, Family),

For as we all know the world that we currently live in has drastically changed due to the

“Pandemic” that has spread throughout the nations of the earth. In the wake of this change, many have

become depress, despondent, fearful and hopeless. As aboriginal and indigenous peoples of the land,

we can sympathize and empathize with those who are experiencing these things. However; the GREAT

news is…WE OVER CAME THEM! Yes, we are living witnesses that our Ancestors instilled within us, the

power of determination and dedication to overcome every obstacle that we face rather it is famine,

sickness and disease, pogroms, natural disasters, etc. Let us not forget the ancient knowledge and

wisdom that has been passed down to us by our great medicine women and men who instructed us how

to use mother earth’s healing herbs to keep us strong and healthy (Ezek 47:12; Rev 22:2). Do not deter

from these instructions. I urge everyone to use common sense in your dealings in public settings…keep

hands washed regularly and use your medicinal oils for added protection.


May the Great Spirit grant you peace of mind and protection!

Chief of Operations

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